The concept of business growth has been explored countless times, giving way to hundreds of reference materials, expert commentaries, case studies, and continuous research. Entire communities were even created for the sake of uncovering the big deal about business growth. You see, business growth can be compartmentalized in two aspects: external and internal. The two aspects mustn’t be separated if optimal growth is the goal.

It all begins internally. You can come up of various marketing and development plans, but if you cannot seek internal growth, nothing will happen. To start growing your business internally, it’s advisable to use four important business tools.


Evernote is a popular note-gathering tool similar to Microsoft’s OneNote and Google Keep. Despite the fair amount of contenders in the market, Evernote is still favored by many people due to its easy user interface and advantageous syncing options. Evernote can even be used for free and it is compatible with other platforms. By using Evernote, you can gather your thoughts, processes, remarks, and to-do lists, therefore ensuring productivity. You can even share your Evernote notebooks with other people.


If you’re after easy analytics in web and mobile usage, Mixpanel is a great option to have. The great advantage of Mixpanel is its easy user interface, allowing non-technical users to have a full grasp of the software. Through Mixpanel, you can now improve your web and mobile analytics process simultaneously.


Have you been outsmarted by other niche competitors? This is a frustrating situation that occurs in most businesses today. To move past competition, you need to track the movement of your competitors. This can be done with the help of TrackMaven – a premier data-gathering tool. TrackMaven is specially geared for improving digital marketing efforts, as well as gathering useful niche trends. Activities across social media and popular online channels are tracked by TrackMaven, reducing your manual operational time by as much as 50%.



When it comes to SEO Analytics, SEMRush is a very popular option. Just like other analytics tools, SEMRush can give you competitive analytic reports and keyword variance. The advantage of SEMRush is enhanced variety. Its research process is divided into different categories, giving you full control of your SEM/SEM campaign.

These four tools can help you achieve the internal growth you need. Also, you have the option to expand your collection of tools since there are hundreds of choices out there. Just remember that not all tools can improve your business by a wide margin.